Fall 2019 Story-telling Contest

In the past we have been giving out the trophies in the classrooms.  We would like to the same level of attention as Word Recognition Competition during the Spring. Therefore we are planning to give out all the trophies together by last day of school.  Please bear with us as we are trying out what best as well.   

Class (班級) Student Name (中文、英文 Last name, First name)
PK1 (8位 – 參加獎Participation Award)* 樊子安 Fan, Amber
方荌怡 Fong, Olivia
顧家銘 Koo, Harrison
李佳蓮 Lee, Karen
林泰樂 Lim, Tyler
游安瑀 Mikail, Olina
徐安雅 Xu, Joana
徐一然 Xu, Julian
PK2 (9位 – 參加獎Participation Award)* 陳首含 Chen, Christopher
陳凱特 Chin, Isabella
莊雒韻 Chuang, Roan
鍾正朗 Chung, Bennett
Eftychiou, Alex
金愛惟 Kim, Ivy
關琬僑 Kwan, Karina
羅學義 Loo, Parker
楊怡羚 Yang, Serena
CHLK (11位 – 參加獎Participation Award)*   林百合 Avery, Callista
Crespo, Abigail
馮梓朗 Fung, Emerson
俊永 Hong, Junyeong
許博珺 Hsu, Justin
黃裕鈞 Huang, Braden
黃奕凱 Huang, Chandon
黃佳瑜 Huang, Evelyn
劉子睿 Lau, Chi Yui
劉姝言 Weishaus, Amy Clair
胡睿哲 Zernitsky, Ori
CHL1   1st:林昕緯 Lin, Alexander
2nd:許天慈 Hui, David
3rd:白博登 Pai, Brandon
CHL2 1st:廖韻涵 Leo, Kaylie
2nd:林茉莉 Avery, Sabrina
3rd:鄭艾瑪 Chiang, Amabelle
CHL3 1st:伍育瑛 Htoo, Jazlyn
2nd:何誠耘 He, Brendan
林忻瑩 Lin, Emma
3rd:馮紫妍 Fung, Iris
CHL4 1st:趙泠杉 Zhao, Lingshan
2nd:姚語桐 Yao, Lilian
3rd:姜中皓 Jiang, Konner
CHL5 1st :張以力 Chang, John Elee
2nd:馬心原 Chais, Spencer
3rd:馬妍 Ma, Julianne
CHL7 1st:馮華佑 Feng, Daniel
CSLK1 (10位- 參加獎Participation Award)* 車容謙 Che, Ethan
陳貝宜 Chen, Cameron
鄭佳寧 Cheng, Logan
蔣欣 Chiang, Penelope
朱行鍵 Chu, Victor
鄭舒心 Jeng, Emma
索菲亞 Law, Sophia
Lee, Alex
Mui, Charlotte
Mui, Stella
CSLK2 (9位- 參加獎Participation Award)* 洪子峻 Hung, Hudson
Khuon, Breanna
金俊伶 Kim, William
盧嘉榮 Luc, Gavin
馬秀慧 Mazza, Madeleine
潘彥宗 Poon, Kyle
席傑 Syverud, Clara
王柏濤 Wong, Ian
Chiong, Christina
CSL1 1st:司徒麗琴 Seto, Caroline
2nd:Shiau, Caitlyn
3rd:Shiau, Jacob
CSL2 1st:Lee, Michael
2nd:李卓謙 Lee, Steven
3rd:丁子柔 Teng, Ella
CSL3 1st:潘彥峰 Poon, Colin
2nd:盧蝶兒 Luc, Sabrina
3rd:梁瀚勻 Leon, Mabel
CSL4 1st:楊懷康 Yang, Tobey
2nd:鍾蓉晴 Chung, Bellina
3rd:希愛來長塚 Nagatsuka, Sereneh
CSL5 1st:梁瀚文 Leon, Preston
2nd:史愛麗 Grabowski, Allison
3rd:鄭心怡 Cheng, Isabella
CSL6/CSL7 併班比賽 Combined 1st:唐貞兒 Thompson, Kathryn
2nd:史以正 Shyy, Christopher
3rd:梅賜雯 Moy,  Charlotte

*Participation Award are for PreK1、PreK2、CHLK & CSLK students who participated in the contest.

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