Registration 2020-2021

Due to uncertainties with Covid-19, we don’t know yet if we will be back in THS by September. Whatever happens, we plan to do everything we can to keep the school going online or at THS

**If we are still operating online in September…

  • We will provide information on how to pick up books
  • No textbook return
  • Due to online registration process, please register and submit payment by 8/31/2020 in order to be able to attend the first class

Registration Form – Existing Family

Please click on the Google Form link below and fill out the form

Registration Form – New Family

Please also fill out the PDF form below and email to (Either fill out the form and save as PDF, or print, fill out by hand and scan it)

Payment Methods

  • Zelle – Pay to
  • Paypal – Pay to
  • Check – Payable to Chinese Service Center USA. Mail to: Anita Lung, 18 Goffle Brook Ct, Hawthorne NJ 07506
  • (Please indicate Family ID and last 4 digits of phone# provided above for all payment options e.g. ###-####) 

注意事項 / Notes

  • 博根中文學校 2020-2021 秋季班訂於 2020 年 9月13日(星期日)正式上課 / Bergen Chinese School 2020-21 Fall semester will start on Sunday, 09/13/2020.
  • Pre-K年級,必須在10/1/2016前出生方可註冊/For Pre-K registration, student has to be born before Oct 1, 2016.
  • Pre-K年級每周上課兩堂課,其他年級每周上課三堂課/Pre-K class is two periods per week, all other classes are three periods
  • 如果班級人數少於預定目標,學校有權決定保留,取消或併班/BCS reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment does not meet minimum requirement.
  • 上課時間 (Bell Schedule):
    第一節 (1st Period): 1:00 – 1:50PM, 第二節 (2nd Period): 2:00 – 2:50PM, 第三節 (3rd Period): 3:00 – 3:45PM
  • 娃娃班上課時間 (Pre-K Bell Schedule):
    第一節 (1st Period): 1:00 – 1:50PM, 第二節 (2nd Period): 2:00 – 2:50PM
  • 如有任何問題/For questions, please email,

Registration Policies and Guidelines

Tuition & Fees

  • 學費:每位學生 $580,第三位和以上的兄弟姊妹, 每位學生$300。娃娃班學費:每位學生$500 / Tuition: $580, third and each additional sibling is $300.  Pre-k tuition: $500 per student
  • 書籍雜費:$35 / Text & Material $35
  • 華人服務中心 & 家長會費:每一家庭 $40 / CSC & PTA Fee: $40 per family
  • 家長服務費:新家庭需付$100, 其他家庭 2020-2021 則免付 / Parents Duty Security Fee: New Family $100, Existing Family waived for 2020-2021

Refund Policy

  • 開學 3 週內可以全額退還,但須扣除網路付款手續費。100% refund within the first 3 weeks. We will deduct online payment service fee, if any
  • 第 4 週到第 9 週退還百分之五十,第 9 週上課後則不再退費。50% refund from week 4 to week 9. No refund after week 9
  • 未使用的全新書籍才可以退費 (若9月採用線上課程則不退還)。Textbook refund only if it is still brand new (No textbook refund if still online in September).

After School Programs

  • 課後活動 / After School Programs (Not available if we are still doing online class)
    • 民族舞蹈 / Chinese Folk Dance: 4:00 PM
    • 舞獅 / Lion Dance: 4:00–5:00 PM 共二十四堂課, 24 sessions, start date TBA
  • 課後活動學費:每位學生 $220 / After school Culture class tuition: $220 per student
  • 課後活動費用不包括材料,制服或表演服裝的製作費。Cost for materials/performance costumes are not included

家長服務費 / Parents Duty Security Deposit Fee


New student must pay Parent’s Duty Security Deposit $100 per family. Please perform your parent duty as assigned each year to avoid refilling the deposit again next school year. For more information, please see “Parent Duty Q&A” on school’s website.

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