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::列印成人會話班註冊單: Adult Chinese Conversation Class Fall 2018   Registration Form

入學手續 / Registration Procedures:

Please print out the registration form , fill out the form and send it to the address below with the check payable to Chinese Service Center USA.

博根中文學校通訊地址 (Bergen Chinese School Mailing Address):
Chinese Service Center, USA
P.O. Box 8122
Paramus, NJ 07653

入學費用/Tuition & Fees:

學費:每位學生 $580,同一家庭第三位學生$300。 娃娃班學費: 每位學生$500
家長會費/華人服務中心:每一家庭 $40
註冊手續費:每一家庭 $25
家長服務費:新生每一家庭 $100
書籍雜費: $35 (CHL)/$55 (CSL) 每學年

Tuition: $580  The third student from the same family is $300. Pre-k tuition: $500 per student
PTA/CSC Fee: $40 per family
Registration Fee: $25 per family
Parents Duty Security Deposit: $100 per family
Textbook or Material fee: $35 (CHL)/$55 (CSL) per student

各項學雜費 / Tuition, textbook and/or material fee:
此費不包括文化課材料費。Material cost for some Culture classes (Chinese Painting, Art & Crafts, etc.) is not included.

開學三星期 之後不退學費,其他費用概無退還。No tuition refund after 3 school days. All other no refund.

家長服務費 / Parents Duty Security Fee:


New student must pay Parent’s Duty Security Deposit $100.00 per family. Please perform your parent duty as assigned each semester to avoid refilling the deposit again next semester. For more information, please see “Parent Duty Q&A” on school’s website.

課後活動 / After school programs:

課後活動學費:每位學生 $220.00
Culture class tuition: $220.00 per student

民族舞蹈 / Chinese Folk Dance: 3:45–5:00PM (2 age groups)
武術/舞獅 / Martial Art / Lion Dance: 4:00–5:00PM 共十二堂課, 12 sections, start date to be announced.
Cost for material, uniform, and performance costumes are not included.

注意事項 / Notes

如有任何問題,請 E-mail:
For questions, please E-mail:
The class may be cancelled if the number of students doesn’t meet the minimum requirement.

上課時間 (Bell Schedule):
第一節 (1st Period): 1:00 – 1:50PM, 第二節 (2nd Period): 2:00 – 2:50PM, 第三節 (3rd Period): 3:00 – 3:45PM

娃娃班上課時間 (Pre-K Bell Schedule):
第一節 (1st Period): 1:00 – 1:50PM, 第二節 (2nd Period): 2:00 – 2:50PM

* 請注意: 每學期上課次數計15次, 如有任何變更事項,請隨時上網查詢

課外活動/After School Program:

民族舞蹈 ( Chinese Folk Dance): 3:45pm ~ 5:00pm (2 age groups)
武術/舞獅(Martial Arts / Lion Dance) : 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm
* 請另寫一張支票,抬頭請寫:Chinese Service Center USA
* Please make a separate check payable to Chinese Service Center USA for after school program.

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