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PTA News for Feb 10th 2019

  1. Thank you again to everyone who helped make the CSC Chinese New Year Celebration a success!  Some of our unsung heroes include Penny Liao (setup and cleanup), Emily Yang (raffle presentation) and Academic Dean Sheupin,  Helen Pai, Patricia Wu, Maureen Cheng and the Syveruds for managing ticket sales.  Thank you for all your hard work!
  2. We are still counting food tickets sales class winners – bear with us.  Thanks to everyone who brought food and drink for our celebration.
  3. If you have any unused food tickets, please bring them to the PTA snack bar. Each ticket adds up to additional funds raised by the PTA. 
  4. The PTA hopes the kids enjoyed their Hong Baos/Red Envelopes and raffle tickets and that the families enjoyed the New Year Photo Booth.  
  5. Next PTA meeting is  Sunday 3/10.

Bergen Chinese School PTA Meeting Minutes 1/27/19

Several important updates for CNY event so please read through the entire minutes.  Don’t forget – bring food and set up at 11:30.  Food and raffles sold from 12:00 – 1:30.  Show from 1:30 – 3:30.  Food, cleanup and raffle winners announced 3:30 – 4:30.  

1.  Notice to parents of students in PK1, PK2, CHLK, CSLK, CHL1, CSL1, CHL2, CSL3, CSL4 and CSL5 – due to limited seating in the Tenafly High Auditorium – the classes mentioned above will not stay in the auditorium for the entirety of the show.  All other classes will sit through the entire performance as they did in the past.  Please read below to know what to expect on the day of the event.  
The affected classes are divided into 2 groups.
Group A will consist of  PK1, PK2, CHLK & CSLK (and BoHua beginner) classes. 
Group B will consist of CHL1, CHL2, CSL1, CSL3, CSL4 & CSL5.
Group A will start off seated in the auditorium from the beginning and will watch the show up to their performance time when their teachers will lead them to the stage (just like in the past). However, after the performance, they will be guided to a designated classroom with teachers and stay there with crafts and possibly a movie.  We ask that parents enjoy the whole show and go to the assigned classrooms afterward. (see below and attached school map to know where each class will be) to sign out their child.  If, however, for some reason, you want your child to watch part of the show with you, you may go and sign them out earlier, but we cannot guarantee a seat for them.

  • PK1 & PK2 and Bohua beginning class will stay in the large room, called The Pit
  • CSLK – Room 103
  • CHLK – Room 104

By the time all the group A students finish the performance, the area they sat before will be empty.
Group B will stay in their designated classroom with their teachers at the beginning of the show until it is their turn to get ready for the performance. They can either do some last minute practice or just hang out. They will be called to the back stage once it’s their turn to perform. After their own performance, they will be directed to the auditorium to the now empty reserved seating area to watch the rest of the show.  

  • CSL1 – Room 107
  • CHL1 and CHL2 – Room 108
  • CSL3, CSL4 and CSL5 – Room 110

The idea is students in both groups will watch at least part of the show. Group A will have a chance to watch lion dance and the performances before them. Group B will have a chance to watch dragon dance and the performances after them.   

2.Folding Tables Needed – We need folding tables to set up the food.  In the past, Hackensack was able to provide all the tables, but Tenafly has limited tables to loan to us.  We are still looking for about 12 more tables.  Please contact Carol Hsu at if you can lend us a table.  Ideally, you could drop it off at school on Saturday at 1 pm when we are setting up, but we can try to make alternative arrangements if that is not possible.

3.  Buy Food, Raffle and 50-50 Tickets  A sampling of some of our Raffle items this year include: Sojo Spa Gift Certificates, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Echo, Joyce Restaurant Gift Certificates, Toy Baskets and a Designer Handbag and more.  Tickets will be sold at the event and raffle winners will be announced after the performance.  

4.  Coat Room – We have reserved two rooms on the day of the event to put your coats and jackets in.  Rooms 105 and 106 (see attached map).  We are doing this because we want everyone to have a place to sit and eat and do not want coats taking up space in the limited seating area in the cafeteria.  These rooms are just for coats – not valuables.  

5.  Parking – the parking lot of Tenafly Middle School (enter on Cortlandt Pl and Sunset Lane) has more than enough parking for everyone and it’s a short walk to the front doors of THS via pedestrian walkway (by the creek).

6.  Photo Booth – as with last year, there will be a “Photo Booth” available from 11:30 – 1:30 outside of the cafeteria.  Please don’t forget to take time out and get a photo with friends and family!
Thank you all for your patience, support and enthusiasm for our community’s big celebration.

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