Parent Duty Q&A



在博根中文學校註冊的家長被要求每學年義務幫忙。幫忙的範圍包括監管校內某一指定區域, 以保證安全和舒適的學習環境, 幫助PTA經營零食攤以及一些校內的瑣事。




家長值勤服務費的宗旨意在讓所有BCS家庭一起分享工作。 作為一個非營利機構我們需要大家一起幫忙來順利運行。每個家庭在首次登記註冊的時候付$100 。如果在這一學年中如期值勤,下學年就無需再交。如果您無法完成家長值勤要求,那麼下學年登記時需要重新繳交。


如果無法在指定日期值勤, 請至少在一星期之前通知PTA。PTA會和您商量選出一個新日期。

What is Parent Duty?
Parents of students enrolled at Bergen Chinese School are asked to volunteer their time during school hours. Requested services may include monitoring a designated area of the school building to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment; assisting the PTA at the snack bar; or other general tasks relating to the daily operations of our school.

How do I fulfill my Parent Duty?
Go to Parent Duty Sign-up page to register for parent duty.  On your assigned date, please sign in on the Parent Duty binder at the registration table in the cafeteria.

Why do I have to pay a Parent Duty Deposit and how does it work?
The purpose of the Parent Duty Deposit is to maintain and provide incentive to share the work across all BCS families. As a non-profit organization, we rely on our families to help running BCS smoothly and safely. Each family pays a $100 deposit when they first register at Bergen Chinese School. The deposit will automatically be applied to the next academic year if a family has fulfilled its Parent Duty requirement in the previous year. In the event that your family did not fulfill the Parent Duty requirement, you must replenish your deposit at the next registration period.

What if I have a schedule conflict with my assigned Parent Duty day(s)?
Please notify the PTA of any conflicts at least one week prior to your assigned Parent Duty day. The PTA will work with you to find a new mutually agreeable day on which to reschedule your Parent Duty assignment.

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