High School C1 (CHL 9)

大學先修-1 C1

對象:建議高中生(普通學校九年級以上)同學選修;適合完成高甲班,高乙班 同學選修;適合完成全新版華語第七冊以上同學選修

Traditional Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin are taught. Practice reading Simplified Chinese and Chinese typing.
Recommended for students who completed H2.


Learning Goals

總體目標 Overall Class Goal
• 根據高中年齡(14-17 歲)學生的程度,繼續開發學生聽,說,讀,寫,及打字的能力,並提高學生認字量。
• 幫助學生有系統的準備 中文SAT-II 考試。
• 鼓勵並指導學生參與校外徵文比賽。
• 針對學生興趣與程度,介紹閱讀中國文學作品。
• 訓練學生閱讀中文報章雜誌。
• Language lessons in practical topics continue to develop students' communication skill
• Planned systematic training in listening, usage, and reading comprehension skills for SAT-II preparation.
• Challenge and coach students to participate in external writing contest
• Introduce Chinese literature
• Train students to read Chinese newspaper and magazine
語文 Language Art
• 使用聽說讀寫為基本教材(Book 2 Part 1)
• 語言課將復習漢語拼音,教授正體字(繁體字)及簡體字對照閱讀。
• 鼓勵學生練習用中文表達自己的意見和思路。
Use Integration Chinese Book 2 Part 1 as the main textbook
Language lessons use hanyu pinyin, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese characters
Student-centered classroom encourages students to practice expressing their ideas and opinions in Chinese
文化常識 Chinese Culture
文化常識Chinese Culture
• 提高學生對中國文化的認識及興趣。
• 指導學生認識中國地理,旅遊景點。
• 介紹學生了解中國歷史文化,名人及中國傳統衣,食,住,行等。
Challenge students to learn and understand Chinese culture
Introduce China's geography and popular points of interest for tourist
Discovery channel for Chinese history, noble biography and cultural.
作業與評量 Homework and Assessment
• 家庭作業40%
• 課堂表現30%
• 隨堂考試20%
• 期末考試10%
• Homework 40%
• Class Participation 30%
• Quiz 20%
• Final Exam 10%


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