CSL- 3Recommended for students who have completed CSL-2 or those who have learned hanyu pinyin and about 120 Traditional Chinese characters. Suitable for children ages 8 and above.

Text: Chinese made Eazy 2 or equivalent Learn hanyu pinyin, and Traditional Chinese characters, their usage, and related sentence patterns.



Learning Goals

總體目標 Overall Class Goal
希望學生們可以用中文溝通日常生活會話. 認識及書寫簡單的中文. Students are able use Chinese in the context of their everyday life.  Recognize and write basic Chinese characters.
語文 Language Art
了解關於學校, 家庭, 嗜好, 天氣, 購物,食物方面的詞彙及句型. Become familiar with the vocabulary and sentence structures related to  familiar topics such as family, school activities, hobbies, weather, shopping and food.
文化常識 Chinese Culture
了解中國四大節日: 春節, 元宵, 端午及中秋的意義和來源. Understand the meanings of  four major Chinese holidays:  New Year, Lantern Festival, Dragon-Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.
作業與評量 Homework and Assessment
70% 根據每週作業繳交及上課參與情形.
30% 根據期中及期末代成績.
70% based on weekly homework and classroom participation.
30% based on mid-term and final examination.


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