實用中文一班 CSL-1

Text: Chinese Language Foundational
Course(Developed by BCS faculty)

Students learn hanyu pinyin, practice the tones, and writing basic Chinese characters.
Recommended for children ages 5-7 with limited or no Chinese background. Suitable for children whose families do not speak Mandarin Chinese at home.


Learning Goals

總體目標 Overall Class Goal
利用主題情境活動式教學法, 提供循序漸進有意義且實用的語言學習環境,讓學生浸潤在學習語言中自然學習。 CSL1 class seeks to create a meaningful and practical language learning environment for students to absorb the Chinese language.

Class uses activity-centered approach to provide students with a more effective and natural way to develop their language skills.

語文 Language Art
• 學生將可以用日常簡單對話介紹自己、朋友及家人。
• 學生將會介紹每天活動。
• 學生將會表示自己的情緒, 及需求。
• 認識中國字的造字原理與字形結構。
• Self introduction /friends and family:Greetings, describe people, like, dislike, birthday, family members, body parts, colors.
• Daily routine: Telling days, time, daily routine vocabularies, and school activities.
• The seasons and weather.
• Basicemotions/expressions:happy, unhappy, angry.
• Basic needs: hungry, thirsty, tired…
• Practice writing Chinese characters: basic strokes
文化常識 Chinese Culture
• 中國三大重要節慶介紹。
• 中國藝術、手工、舞蹈以及學童基礎武術操。
3 major Chinese Festivals: Mid-autumn, Chinese Spring Festival, Dragon Festival
Chinese arts and crafts/dance/martial art: Origami, Chinese painting, ribbon dance, Kids martial art.
作業與評量 Homework and Assessment
課堂作業 25%
考試 25%
上課態度 25% Homework 25%
Class work 25%
Exam 25%
Class conduct and participating 25%

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