幼稚班 K

教材 :博根中文基礎教材 (博根中文學校編)

Text: Chinese Foundational Course (Developed by BCS)
Recommended for ages 4 with little or no background.


Learning Goals

總體目標 Overall Class Goal
Help the children learn bo po mo, pinyin, increase their vocabulary, and learn to write some pictograms –all in a comfortable and joyful environment. As the children build their phonics skills and a beginning character set, they will apply these skills and begin to read independently.
語文 Language Art
1. 學習注音符號及拼音,學會了小朋友就可以自己唸故事書哦!
2. 從圖畫學習象形文字,小朋友畫畫學字很好玩耶!
3. 簡單介紹部首及筆順,讓小朋友知道很多中國字都是湊起來的,像是日月會湊出明字,三橫一豎會湊成王字(給小朋友一點部首的概念)
4. 介紹唐詩及三字經
5. 介紹五官,身體名稱以及它們的功能
6. 認識數字、顏色、形狀
7. 介紹親屬關係
8. 四季及方向
1. We will be learning bo po mo and pinyin, so that the students can read books by themselves.
2. We will learn pictograms by drawing pictures. Students will have fun learning while drawing.
3. We will learn simple radicals and writing stroke order. Students will find that simpler words can be put together to create new ones. For example, "sun" and "moon" together mean "bright"; three horizontal lines and a vertical line make "king." (This will help students grasp the concept of radicals.)
4. We will learn to recite Tang poems & Three Word Chant (San-Zi-Jing)
5. We will learn about the five senses, parts of the body, and their functions.
6. We will learn to use numbers, colors and shapes.
7. We will talk about family relationships.
8. We will learn the seasons and the cardinal directions.
文化常識 Chinese Culture
(一) 介紹中國傳統節日
(二) 十二生肖的故事—介紹十二生肖
1. Learn about Chinese traditions and holidays
2. Learn the story of the zodiac and the zodiac animals.
作業與評量 Homework and Assessment
每週作業 Weekly homework


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