Traditional Chinese characters, hanyu pinyin, Chinese typing are taught. Introduce Simplified Chinese characters
Recommended for students who completed CHL7.


Learning Goals

總體目標 Overall Class Goal
八年級教學著重在認讀新字約150字及140個常用詞語和複習常用漢字/常用詞語。並藉由”網路教室*”來幫助學生複習課文以及加強記憶。規劃分組討論及發表期中、期末報告,來練習口語。訓練學生寫作能力,練習生字、生詞和句型的靈活應用。 Class will learn about 150 new characters and 140 related words and phrases; at the same time, students will review frequently used words and phrases. Web-based learning tool*  will be deployed to help the students review and retain material learned in class. Group discussions, mid-year, and year-end projects provide the students with opportunities to practice their oral skills.
Regular writing assignments give students another channel to apply and express themselves in Chinese.
語文 Language Art
• 本年度教材為「美洲華語第八冊」1至7課, 每課有四個單元 ,分上下學期教授。
• 「美洲華語第八冊」增加新字約150字及140   個常用詞語。
• 增加口語表達機會﹣上台發表心得。
• 增強寫作和中打能力﹣ 每週寫一篇新聞短文並打字。
• 注重用字、用詞、語法的正確性
• 要求學生會默寫每課基本生字。
• 在課堂上運用生字和生詞練習寫字和造句。
• 中文SATII 練習
• Class will learn Book 8 of MZHY series.  The year will cover lessons 1-7.
• 150 new characters and 140 related words/phrases
• practice verbal expression in formal and informal context
• build up students’ writing and Chinese typing   skills through weekly writing assignment
• emphasize correct usage of characters, words, and sentence patterns
• students are required to learn to write basic vocabulary in each lesson
• students will practice writing characters, constructing words, and making sentences in class
• occasional practices of SAT-II
文化常識 Chinese Culture
• 復習唐詩八首(必須熟背)
• 成語故事。教授八個成語故事,每個學生選讀一個成語故事作期中發表。
• 臺灣地理和民俗。介紹臺灣地形,城市及風土民情。 每個學生研究一個臺灣城市作期末發表。
• Review 8 Tang Poems
• Learn 8 Stories of Chinese Idioms (Each student will select one idiom to research for the mid-year project.)• Learn the geography, cities, and local cultural flavors of Taiwan.  (Each student will select one city in Taiwan to research for the year-end project)
• Share and enjoy some contemporary/pop Chinese songs.
作業與評量 Homework and Assessment
• 美洲華語第八冊作業本(每週)
• 寫一篇新聞短文並打字( 每週 )
• 網上課文錄音 (隔週)
• 課前觀賞網上影片準備課堂討論(隔週)
• 中文SATII 考古題練習(不定期

作業 40%
課堂表現 30%﹣準時上課, 課堂表現, 團體競賽, 學習態度
考試 20%

• MZHY Book 8 Homework
• Weekly current event journal
• Read-aloud/recording in the ‘Web Classroom’ every other week
• Watch a short film on the web to prepare for a new lesson every other week
• Chinese SATII practices

Homework: 40%
Class Participation:  30%
Tests: 20%


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