對象:建議上學年完成博根CHL2或讀完全新版華語 (或美洲華語)第二冊的同學選修


Traditional Chinese characters and the Chinese phonetic system bo-po-mo are taught.
Recommended for students who completed CHL2.


Learning Goals

總體目標 Overall Class Goal
課程注重學生在聽力理解﹑口語表達﹑閱讀理解﹑書寫和翻譯能力等方面的學習 The emphasis is on developing the students’ abilities in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese, in an interactive environment.
語文 Language Art
• 聽:能理解課堂教學, 聽懂簡單故事 以及日常對話
• 說: 透過連環圖畫故事 以及會話練習, 增加學童語言表達的能力
• 讀: 第三冊課本, 加上有趣的人文故事﹑短文﹑新詩﹑生活華語和唐詩
• 寫: 第三冊 約 137 個生字, 274 個常用詞語,短篇文章
• Comprehension – Understanding class lectures, simple stories and daily conversation.
• Speaking – Story telling, conversation practices
• Reading – Book 3, stories in Chinese literature, short stories, poems and daily conversations.
• Writing – Book 3: characters, vocabularies, short composition
文化常識 Chinese Culture
• Story of Chang-Er, the Moon Lady
• Journey to the West (Monkey King)
• Story of silk
• Folk Tales
• Chinese calligraphy and brush painting
作業與評量 Homework and Assessment
每週作業, 定期評量 Weekly homework and regular assessments.


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