Bergen Chinese school was established in 1972 by a group of Chinese Americans to promote Chinese language and culture.

We provide a variety of classes for students to learn the basic Chinese language including understanding, speaking, reading and writing the Chinese characters. Students also explore Chinese culture through rhythm and rhyme, poetry, songs, crafts, chess, calligraphy, painting, etc. Please visit our “Academics – Programs” for details.

All of our teachers have college degrees and received college credits in Chinese language and literature. Some of them even have master and doctorate degrees. Besides their qualifications in teaching, they actively participate in different teaching programs, computer software training, pre-AP and AP workshops and conferences to update themselves with the most current information and knowledge and to exchange their teaching experiences with teachers from other schools.


Pre-school and kindergarten: an early start to learn Chinese
Interactive computer teaching: a new fun way to learn Chinese
Chinese stores: Teachers reward students with Chinese store points. Students can exchange the points for gifts they like.
Chinese culture classes: a school wide activity to increase the awareness of Chinese culture.
Lion dance: our well-known troupe has participated in several important cultural events.



博根每星期日下午上課,每學期十五週。除了語文課程以外,還有各項文化課程,包括美勞、書法、棋藝、扯鈴、演說訓練和舞獅 … 等等。此外還舉辦學業性競賽活動,包括說故事比賽及認字比賽 … 等等。課後活動有民族舞蹈和舞龍舞獅 (Master Henry Lee)等活動。詳情請參閱 “Academics – Cultural Activity Classes”


啟蒙班和幼稚班 – 兒童學習語言的最佳時機。

多媒體電腦互動教學 – 把科技帶入中文學校,使課程更為生動有趣。

學藝競賽 – 說故事比賽和認字比賽。

博根中文商店 – 以點券方式鼓勵學生在課堂參與及學業方面盡力表現,累積一定點數後,可在中文商店中兌換獎品。

博根舞龍舞獅隊 – 在美東地區極負盛名,曾多次應邀參加各項社區活動與大型節慶表演。

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